Practice Makes Perfect

Students audition for school musical

Allison Muzzy, Staff

This year’s fall musical, one of the biggest draws in LHS entertainment, is being met with high expectations from students, staff, and parents. 

The Fall Musical is the biggest show that LHS puts on and often draws in the largest audience.

With the substantial turnout, over the last few years, standards for the musical have been high. Students auditioning have been relentlessly practicing. “I picked a song a few months in advance and just rehearsed it for, like, a set amount of time each day,” said Sophomore, Julia Nauman. 

Along with practicing repeatedly, students have been practicing with friends and recording their singing and listening to it back.

The tireless practice helped the students relieve stress about auditions. Despite endless practice, auditions often do not go as one wants them to. “Honestly, I don’t think it will go perfectly, but that’s natural,” said Sophomore Tim Neal, “I got too stressed about it to actually be able to focus on my singing.” 

The auditions concluded last Wednesday and the call backs are this Friday.