Pens Ready to Flow, Debates Ready to Go

Debaters begin practicing for the new year

Lucas Daniels, Staff

The LHS debate team gets ready for the 2019 season by preparing their cases for both the affirmative and negative plan.

This year’s topic is on the U.S. reducing direct commercial / foreign military arms from the United States. Specifically, the debate team’s affirmative plan is to cease arms from the island of Taiwan. 

The upperclassmen of the debate team are using the time before their first tournament to do practice debates, cutting evidence to formulate new arguments, and overall doing research on 

the generalized areas of the topic. Ms. Maranell, debate coach, said, “(They) digest all of the material from debate camps, come up with strategies for things that teams will likely run, (and) do lots of speaking drills and practice debates for affirmative and negative.”

The novice debaters, or students who are in their first year of debate, are also working to prepare for their first tournament and the season as a whole. Ms. Maranell also said she is preparing her novices by teaching them what debate is, and making sure to teach them about certain concepts that will give them a leg up on the competition. “We start hitting hard on negative strategy first because most teams will know mostly about their affirmative, (and not much about their negative strategy.) Since we have neg(ative) prep, our novices win on neg, whereas other novices win on aff(irmative) alone.”

The advanced debaters are doing their part to help novices, too. Junior debater, Chris LaPee, had some points on which he and others are assisting them. “I’m helping them read the affirmative case and understand it, ask higher level questions for cross-examination, and formulate arguments and overall argumentation skills,” said LaPee.