Girls Varsity Volleyball Takes on #1 Team in The State

Lansing takes on Saint Thomas Aquinas in the Slam

Iyannah Jackson, Staff

Slam, being one of the biggest games for Lansing Varsity Volleyball, returning players and newcomers are getting mentally and physically prepared for tomorrow’s game.

Freshman Skylar Weaver says, “Physically I think we are ready, we have been training for this for a long time. We do weights, drills and most importantly bond as a team!” All players have put in a a lot of their time and effort to work as a team to accomplish a win against St. Thomas Aquinas.

Lansing is ranked second in the state and St Thomas first. Going up against a big school, Lansing knew they had to step up their game to prove the first place title was theirs.

Lansing lost second and third set, they knew that they’d see St. Thomas Aquinas next time to prove them wrong. “I think we all had a pretty good work ethic but it really didn’t determine the outcome of our game. It just wasn’t our game but next time we play them we will be ready,” said Senior McKinzie Weaver. Although they didn’t get the outcome they want Lansing knows, when seeing St. Thomas again there will be a greater challenge facing them.

Not only does the physical preparation matter in suck a big game, but the mentality they had when going to play. These two phenomenal teas not only play each other but have many cameras around them for instance, being live broadcasted on TV.

“I went into the Slam with a positive attitude. Wanting all of us to play our game, have fun, and win,” said McKinzie. Even if Lansing won or lost they knew that they had fun playing the sport they’ve always loved, and plan to succeed in.