Labor Day

Ansley Warnock, Journalist

Lansing, Ks—Next Monday marks the 99th Labor Day celebrated at Lansing. Historically, Labor Day represents the celebration of “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations” writes the Department of Labor. The federal holiday festivities often include parades, barbecues, and “end of summer” bashes. 

      However, at LHS, it’s a break from school and an opportunity to relax with family. Jaylon Romie said that it’s a day to “go to the lake and have fun.” 

      In contrast, Sydney Dupplessis says that she will be taking it easy, spending her day “sleeping, probably.” Either way, both students seem to be thoroughly looking forward to their three day weekend.

      For the teachers at the school, September 2nd is a welcome day off work. Mrs. Maranell said that while the “historical context of Labor Day is something that most people miss and isn’t something that we emphasize” she will be spending this upcoming Monday at home with her daughter. 

      Outside of the school, the City of Lansing offices, including the library, will be closed. Furthermore, in downtown Leavenworth, Labor Day marks the beginning of fall festival season. 

       Although it is now a day of grilling and sleeping in, Labor Day was a “workingmen’s holiday” in recognition of the poor conditions and long hours that often plagued immigrants and members of the working class. The holiday was not legalized until 12 years later. The true founder has yet to be discovered, even a century later.