Forensics at State


By Riley Phillips

The Lansing High School Forensics team had an outstanding weekend at the 5A State Competition. They placed 2nd overall out of the 30 competing team. 15 students were able to either place or receive a 1 rating.

  • Three students from the freshman class placed at this event:
  • Hanaa Everett was a semi finalist in original oratory.
  • Freshmen Hadley Poeppel and Allison Muzzy took 16th in Duo Interpretation, barely missing semifinals.
  • Brooklynn Corral earned a 1 rating in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking and Prose.
  • Two sophomores were able to place as well:
  • Chris LaPee took 7th in Informative Speaking
  • Madeline Souser was a semi finalist in Informative Speaking.
  • Multiple students from the junior class were able to place and receive a 1 rating as well:
  • Junior Kate Bircher was a semi finalist in Original Oratory  and took 4th in  program of Oral Interpretation.
  • Alyssa Wiegers took 6th in Original Oratory and successfully defended her State Champion Status as 1st in Informative Speaking.
  • Chris Elmer was a semi finalist in Informative speaking.
  • Will Snodgrass defended his Champion Status taking 1st in Humorous Interpretation.
  • Megan Darley took 4th in Humorous Interpretation.
  • Francis Sheehan received a 1 in Dramatic Interpretation.
  • Isaac Papineau received a 1 in Oral Interpretation of Prose.
  • Two seniors who would be leaving their Forensics Family were able to place as well:
  • Madaline Foster took 4th in Original Oratory
  • Salem Clemens took 2nd in Lincoln Douglas Debate and received a 1 rating in Domestic Extemp.

The Forensics team would continue their hard work and practice in order to prepare for the following season.