The Lion’s Pad Grand Re-Opening

By Sarah Vasquez

The Flash Sale Week

The Lion’s Pad is Lansing High’s own store and is best known for their spirit wear, T-shirts during basketball season, and decorative scarves in the winter. Wanting to get more of a welcoming vibe, the Lions Pad has been under construction and reopened on March 25. To bring the lost attention back to the store the School Bases Enterprise classroom held a flash sale. “We wanted something that would attract the attention of our customers,” said Senior Teagan Vaughn, a student that helped with the remodeling steps. The remodeling included brainstorming and painting sessions during the School Based Enterprise classes.

The store included many noticeable and many not so noticeable changes. “No regrets really. We took a leap of faith with our pistachio color because it’s not a neutral color,” said Dustin Myers, business teacher and SBE adviser at Lansing High School. Other noticeable changes included a hand painted chalkboard and the rearrangement of the furniture inside the store. Some of the more subtle changes were product rotation and a music speaker. Many students visited on the opening day.

“We wanted something new that our customers haven’t seen before,” said Senior Nicole Welling and student in the SBEnterprise class. The turnout was well, according to Myers. He claims many students that visited liked the new changes and the new wall colors. The flash sale drew in customers as well, one of their selling techniques.

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