Road to Nationals



By Ryley Bullock

DECA students from Lansing High School get ready for Orlando, Florida

Thirteen students are getting the chance to go DECA Nationals. “The desire of the students to improve their leadership and business skills is what I attribute our success with,” said DECA sponsor Dustin Myers. Lansing DECA will be heading to Nationals yet again for their 13 consecutive year. According to Myers, this year nationals will take place in Orlando, Florida from April 27 to May 2. Each person is going for different events. They can compete in leadership academies, projects and role plays. Majority of the students going are competing in projects. Many of the students are doing fundraising opportunities to raise money for their trip to nationals. “I am selling chocolate bars, doing market day and working concession stands to raise money,” said sophomore Camden Maestas. Market day is a great opportunity for students to help fund their trip. They get the opportunity to sell food and drinks at school lunches to hopefully make money. Another way the students are able to make money, is through the cafe and the school store. Many students work early mornings during the week in the cafe. According to sophomore Karis Jones, working in the cafe is one of the best ways to fundraise for nationals

This year will be the last time several students get to attend nationals before they graduate. Senior Nicole Welling is one of these seniors. “DECA has really made me enjoy the business and marketing aspects of life and because of that I was accepted into the college of business at K-State, where I will be studying marketing,” said Welling. All of these seniors have been working incredibly hard to make their last nationals trip the best and most memorable. For many of the seniors, DECA has influenced what they will be doing in their future. “It’s been sad and exciting because I’ve been able to see the growth I’ve made by qualifying each year and it’s exciting to be with a fun group of people,” Welling said.