No More Late Work

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By Zach Brown and Riley Phillips

At the end of the fall semester many students were up in arms about a new late work policy that would be put into effect after Winter Break. Teachers on the other hand, are showing quite a bit of interest in the new policy. “I feel like the new policy will help motivate kids to turn assignments in on time an will help keep some stress off of me,” said teacher Dylan Brown. The new late work policy was formulated around the halfway mark of the 2018 semester, but will not be put into full effect until the first week of the 2019 semester.

Both students and teachers have mixed emotions about the new policy and how it will be implemented. Many seniors, such as Nate Baker, are very against it and find the new policy absurd. “I don’t think the policy will help kids get work done; I think it will help them fail. Once they see how useless the new policy is, it will be changed right back to how it was previously,” said Baker. He is not the only one who feels this way. Many seniors believe that this new policy is gong end up dragging them down, rather than building them up. Not all of the opinions are negative though, some seniors and even underclassmen think that the policy is a good idea and will give them the extra push that they need.

It seems that most of the negative opinions are indeed coming from the underclassmen. “I think the new policy will bring me nothing more than additional stress, especially once it gets closer to finals,” said Junior Alicia Brown. After hearing about the policy just the week before finals in the 2018 semester, many students and teacher began to stress. Many students were rushing to turn in assignments and teachers were scrambling to put grades into the grade book, due to a trial run of the new late work policy last semester. After speaking to Brown again he had a more positive opinion about the policy. “Students should already be turning assignments in on time, this policy will help the students realize what it is like in the real world.” He believes that that very few kids will fail thew first semester because of the new policy, but it will be a wake up call for them. Most teachers in the building seem to share the same opinion and they are in agreement with the new plan to push the students to be better.

With the new semester getting started the opinions still seem to be mixed and students are still stressing. As the semester progresses students are bound to adjust to the new policy and do what it takes to succeed. Teachers are going to be held more accountable and students grades should improve. There is a long road ahead to see exactly how the new policy is going to change how the school functions.

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