Big Changes Coming Second Semester

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By Riley Phillips

There will be some big changes coming next semester with one of the most popular topics, the dress code. From ripped jeans to leggings and even being able to show the shoulders, many students are happy with the new dress code that will be put into effect after Winter Break. “I am really happy that it is changing. I am most excited about the leggings change because I love wearing leggings and being comfortable,” said Junior Felicana Otano. These changes also brought relief to some students because they do not have to worry about being dress coded when the new semester starts. ” I am very excited for the dress code to be changed because it will give me more options to choose from. I will also not have to worry as much about being dress coded during he day or not,” said Junior Mackenzie Lillich.

It is not just about being able to wear ripped jeans for style or athletic shorts to be comfy. It is also about students being able to express themselves. “I think it is great that our policy is changing and evolving with the students in the building. It will give us a chance to express ourselves and we will also be able to focus more on learning rather than being dress coded,” said Junior Molly Romano. It seems to be the common trend that the students are excited about this new change and are ready to come back after break with less stress in deciding what to wear. By implementing this new change it will take stress off of both students, teachers, staff, and administration and allow them to focus on educating the students.

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