A Change in Finals

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By Riley Phillips

First semester is very close to the end and that means finals are quickly approaching. Students are rushing to turn in their missing working, raising their grades, and giving themselves as much cushion for their finals as they can. This year finals will be held over the course of two days instead of three. “I don’t feel bad about taking finals this year because we can get them done faster. I don’t have to sit around for three days thinking about them,” said senior Andrew Allen.  Not only does this take out the long drawn out study periods, but also allows the students to start their finals on Monday instead of Friday, eliminating the long weekend break where students “forget everything they studied for”.

Many students are in favor of this idea as well. “I think it will be more effective and efficient for the students. When you prolong the amount of days when taking finals, kids become drained and can’t work on the third day of finals because their brain is so tired,” said senior Bradi Basler. This is not a huge change from last year, but with the new principal in place things around the building are starting to change for the better.

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