Thanksgiving Traditions

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By Riley Phillips

With Thanksgiving Break quickly approaching, students minds cannot escape the idea of the big Thanksgiving dinner, watching football with their families, or even having a Friendsgiving with a few of their closest friends. “On Thanksgiving my family and I don’t really do anything that special. We eat a big dinner together and enjoy all of the good food that has been made. After we eat, I personally take a nap to recover from all of the food I just ate. Then lastly, we all pile into the living room and watch football,” said junior Locarno Hilton.

Thanksgiving is definitely a time for family being together, even if it means being stressed out preparing for the big day. “My family will spend the whole morning cleaning the house and making sure everything is perfect. My siblings and I are in charge of making a dish for dinner later that day. Then, we finally spend the whole evening together. We get lucky if my siblings get along the whole time without fight. I really enjoy the whole aspect of Thanksgiving, like i genuinely enjoy getting to be around my family and having a good time all together,” said junior Kaelyn Hoppes.

It seems to be that many students around the school do the same thing for Thanksgiving, but yet there has to be that one person who does something different. So ask around and get to know your peers a little better, find out what traditions their family has, and what they do to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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