“James and The Giant Peach” Behind the Curtain

Behind The Scenes of How Each Actor plays Their Part and How the Musical is Being Put Together

By Special Reporter Gabriella Whitman and Riley Phillips

Lansing High School is currently preparing for the fall musical, “James and the Giant Peach”. October first marked the beginning of their journey and they will begin performances November 29 through the beginning of December. This year Casey McCord, the drama director, is working with a larger ensemble. “The casting has worked out well and everyone is doing a good job so far,” said McCord.

freshman Elisabeth Johnson was casted for the lead role of James. At Lansing it is unusual for a freshman to receive such a large role. She stated that right after she heard the news she was immediately nervous and was unsure about the part. To cam her nerves she reminded herself, “I worked hard for this, I kind of earned it.”

This year the crew was indeed looking for a larger ensemble. The cast and crew hopes  to give a great show to the audience, said Sophia Ashord, a sophomore at LHS. “A lot of the ensemble is not familiar with each other, so they are not as good as the could be, but it will come together eventually.”

Aside from just the cast and crew, Brain White,b the new choir teacher, will be joining them on their journey. He is very excited to be working with McCord  and Kylie Visocsky, the dance instructor. “The team building and relationships will all build on the journey, like an extended family and lots of memories,” said White. Tickets will be sold only online, movie theatre style. tickets are $5.00 for senior citizens and students and $10.00 for adults. The show starts at 7pm, don’t miss out.