Positive Principal Phone Calls

By Riley Phillips

With the new school year well underway, many changes have been put into place by the new principal, Rob McKim, in order to better the school’s environment. One of these changes is the “Positive Principal Phone Calls”. At the end of every week Principal McKim will announce a list of student names who teachers and staff around the school believe deserve recognition. “This is one way to recognize students in a positive way that are either contributing to the school, doing good around the school, or working hard. For example there was a student who ran to open the door for another student whose hands were full. It is the little things that deserve to be recognized. It also gives us as a faculty an excuse to look for those positive things,” said Principal Rob McKim.

Even though this a very small thing, it gives a new feeling throughout the building and even has an effect on the students. “Of course this varies from students to student, but hopefully it boosts the teacher-to-student relationships and increases the positivity around the school,” said McKim. This recognition does not stop at school. The parents of the students are called as well so they positivity can carry home and those students can get a pat on the back from their families. “As a staff we are hoping that the students will receive some type of reward when they get home from doing good at school. Not only does it shock some students, but their parents as well, seeing that they are not at school and do not always know what their student is up to,” said McKim.

As of right now there are 39 students who have been recognized with plenty more to come. The students who have been recognized so far are: Sarah Wilson, Shemar Ximines, Eric Karpierz, Kaydence Robinson, Emma DaMetz, Luke Usera, Sammy Masisak, Kelsie Lynch, Joshua Twitchell, Vianne Arias, Justin Wendl, Logan Buffo, Isabelle Ward, Daviud Teegarder, Nick Rothmeyer, Ian Tippit, Corbin Holyfield, Kelsy Morse, Madison Muzzy, Tyler Kane, Diana Green, Lila Dietz, Geoffrey Stentiford, Aliana Anom, Molly Jo Genail, Anthony Beavers, Julia Mullins(2), Dakota Sill, Kaylee Arwine, Hailyn Toedter, Caitlin Bishop, Tre’Matt Pledger, Marissa Ober, Madison Kees, Cole Bilotta, Qahri Tucker, and Calvin Sholey. These students names were called over the intercome and receive a letter recognizing them. This will continue thought the school year and hopefully carry to the next school years to come.