An Inside Look at Lansing High School Football

Members share their memories and what it means to be on the team

By Special Reporter Zaiylah Bronson and Riley Phillips

The team played 9 games, with a 5 to 4 win-loss ratio. The team scored 66 points, their highest of the season, at the homecoming game against the JC Harmon Hawks. As the team of 43 players used their knowledge and strength in games, they were rewarded with many victories and some tough losses.

Athletes of the Lansing High School Varsity Football team believe that the home game of week two against Basehor High School was the best game of the season. Lansing won 14-13. Junior Quarterback, Luke Schneider scored both touchdowns to take home the win. “Beating the Basehor Bobcats was by far the most memorable part of the season,” said senior Safety and Wide receiver Tre’Matt Pledger. “I have friends from Basehor so it was extra motivation to beat them,” said junior Cornerback and Running Back Derrick Robinson.

Senior Corner Back and Running Back Konner McQuillian said, “Lansing has created a reputation of getting knocked down and staying down. When we got down, we got right back up and kept fight, My favorite part of games would’ve been the lead-up, after our warm-ups. We get hype in the locker room and wait to play.”

Senior Dylan Mclain and juniors Reece Thomas and Derrick Robinson practice kicking field goals. “if you don’t practice, how can you perform at a high level on a Friday night,” said Robinson.

Coach Brad Gourley said the team worked extremely hard and he was pleased with the season. “A strength within the team was the amount of effort they put forth, but they overthink and that sets them back in the wrong direction,” said Gourley. The team agreed that they motivate each other to work hard and do their best.

Sophomore Safety, Wide Receiver, and Outside Line Backer, Dylan Ward said the game of football was a lot to learn at first, but it got easier as the season progressed. “Our intensity and  motivation to win was fun to be apart of,” said Ward.

Sophomore Wide Recievr Malik Benson explained how the game on October 28 against the Leavenworth Pioneers was on to remember. “The game was great because we came together as a team to beat our rivals.”

The Lions made it to game two of the playoffs, but lost to Saint James Academy 34-27. The boys were upset but are beyond ready for next season.