Lansing’s New Theatre Experience is One to Die For

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Lansing Presents “Night of the Living Dead”, October 24 and 25

By Special Reporter, Zach Brown

The Lansing High School Theater Department is the first school to showcase the famous horror movie, “Night of the Living Dead.”The chance to do something completely new and unique is an opportunity is couldn’t refuse,” said junior and play director Cam Burns. The performance will be a horror black box experience, meaning the audience will be on stage surrounding the actors as if they are in the show. Burns says he is quite proud of how hard the cast has worked over the past month to make this a performance worth experiencing. The show timing is no coincidence. The show’s premier being so close to Halloween was a decision made by theater teacher Casey McCord to promote the show. “I chose this show to adapt onto the stage because I thought it would be a fun challenge for the Repertory Theatre Class,” said McCord. While the show is a horror experience unlike anything Lansing has done before, this is also the first time “Night of the Living Dead” was recreated for the stage in a way like this, ever. The class has only worked on the play during the week, and have not held any out of school rehearsals. 

The story follows a group of survivors held up in an old farmhouse against an unseen threat waiting outside. They must work together to keep their cool, survive, and try to not kill each other. With a climactic, and two very different, endings, Burns said he is excited to reveal the performance to his peers to see their reactions.

The actors have been working for weeks to memorize lines and bring their characters to life for however long they exist. “My chance to play Ben is a cool and unique opportunity to bring a character to life in such a unique world,” said junior Francis Sheehan. The actors all have had quite the time to prep and having to formulate the script from nearly nothing is no easy feat. The dedication they put into the play is something to take into consideration when wanting to see the show. To say the least, the show will be quite the spooky experience and what comes forth from this horror experience of a lifetime. The play will be performed October 24 and 25 at Lansing High School and admission is free.

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