Marching For a 1

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The Marching Lions earned a 1 rating, which is the best that can be received, over the weekend at Central States in Manhattan, Kansas. The weather at KSU was cold and rainy, but the Lions persevered through as a whole to perform their very best. “Central states was fantastic. It was our best performance, even through the nasty weather,” said junior Heather Ober. 

The Marching Lions also put on their 2nd Annual Homecoming Light Show at the end of the Friday night football game. Once again the Lions put on an outstanding performance and had the stands going crazy. “The Light show was natural and fun, seeing that it was in the dark. We were able to be more relaxed and focused on having a good time. It was more for the audience rather than for us,” said junior Keiara Morris. The band continues to work hard and get better every day to bring the school spirit alive.

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