A New Year, New Face

Riley Phillips, Editor

With the new school year in session many new faces can be found throughout the building. Mr. Rob McKim, the new principal, is one of those new faces. It is clear to see that this school year is going to have a few big changes.

Its no  shocker that McKim was hit with dress code question within the first week of school starting. “Changes will depend upon the staff and students. I am willing to listen to changes concerning the dress code and homework policy, but for now nothing nothing is changing,” said McKim. “Changes will be put in in place based on the learning environment and what is best for the school. We will look at other schools as an administration and do what it takes to better the school.”

After speaking with McKim and asking him a few questions it is clear that he has a bright future in mind for the school. His goals and visions came across very strong. Taking the principal job here was a big step up, seeing that he previously worked at  small 4a school in Baldwin, Kansas. He saw a great opportunity and took it as soon as he could, “I knew it would take something special and Lansing had that something special that I wanted.” It was not just the high school that caught his attention but the community as well. “I had already heard good things about the school and the community which made me want the job even more,” said McKim.

First days can be rough and even a little overwhelming, but according to McKim the first day back went very well and surpassed his standards. “The kids were good and showed their school spirit.” Aside from the student body as a whole, the class of 2019 will be graduating this year and McKim is vey impressed by the senior class. “The seniors help a ton with iPad checkout and made the whole process so much easier. Having a good group of kids makes it so much easier to do your job and it always makes things throughout the building to run smoothly,” said McKim.

McKim’s message to the students for the year is, “Be diligent, have fun, be nice, and GO LIONS! Let’s make this year something special.”