The Children’s Plays

The Children's Play, hosted by the Repertory Theatre, will take place tonight at 7:00 p.m., and the admission is free.

Graphic Credit: Leavenworth, KS Calendar of Events on

The Children's Play, hosted by the Repertory Theatre, will take place tonight at 7:00 p.m., and the admission is free. Graphic Credit: Leavenworth, KS Calendar of Events on

Shelbie Cook, Editor

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Repertory Theatre will be performing the Children’s Plays tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Lansing High School.

“[The Children’s Plays] are miniature plays that teach kids,” senior Kelsey East stated.

There are three plays created by Repertory Theatre, each one around ten minutes long, and they all include a valuable lesson which is meant to enlighten kids on different issues. Unlike a typical school production, however, the students created their own costumes and have limited props. There is also an additional play that was written by third grade students, which will be reinacted.

“The plays are interactive, so they [the kids] get to be apart of the shows, too,” East explained.

The plays are created by students who are apart of Repertory Theatre, a class offered at Lansing High School. The class is taught by Casey McCord who is in charge of the drama department.

Repertory Theatre is an advance class for students who are interested in improving their skills in theatre. The class resembles a typical theatre company, teaching students the process of putting together a show.

“They [the students] are performing, directing, and writing,” McCord said.

The goal for this specific project was to give students the opportunity to create their own show.

“I want them to gain the full experience on what it’s like to direct a show,” McCord stated. “A lot of them don’t see that from the acting side.”

East herself is usually a stage manager for school productions, however she was given the option to be the director of her group’s play: “The Adventures of Earth Woman”.

“A stage manager deals with props and works backstage,” East said. “The director gets to see the actual show.”

East’s group decided to create a musical; sophomore Cameron Burns created the music for the show. The play involves a superhero and a villain who doesn’t understand the importance of recycling, but eventually learns as the story progresses.

“We knew we wanted a superhero and we tried to come up with a villain,” East said.

East then continued to explain how her group decided to change the villain so that the character is instead an individual who doesn’t “know any better.”

“The hero teaches the villain to recycle, which teaches the kids how to recycle,” she said.

Senior Janelle Braswell is both the director and writer for her group’s play: “A Day of Imagination”.

“[The hardest part about] directing wad to think in the mindset of a child,” Braswell stated. “And the hardest part [for writing] was how children relate to humor.”

Braswell’s play is about students who learn how to express their creativity.

“Three students take a day off of school to finally express their imagination and discover the creativity they didn’t know they had,” Braswell explained.

Each group worked for about a month on their shows, going through obstacles to get their story just right.

“We all worked really hard and it’s been a lot of fun,” East said.

McCord and the students of Repertory Theatre encourages everyone to come out and see the plays.

“Come support the arts,” McCord said.





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The Children’s Plays