Ban on TKAM in MS State

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Most of you may remember reading To Kill A Mockingbird freshman year. The novel has a Pulitzer prize for fiction. The book shows values of the civil rights movement and a feeling for unfairness of segregation. To Kill A Mockingbird is known as one of the most controversial books of the 20th century. The book is set in the 1930’s in Maycomb, Alabama. The book follows 8 year-old Scout Finch, brother Jem, and her father Atticus over the course of 3 years. Atticus Finch is the lawyer of an African American, Tom Robinson, who was falsely accused of raping and beating a white woman. Since Mr. Finch is representing Mr. Robinson, Jem and Scout receive many racial slurs, insults, and attacks, which makes them learn how to coupe throughout all of it. It has been found on the ban book list because of many racial content, profanity, and many references to rape. Recently Mississippi schools have banned it because it “makes people uncomfortable.” The book teaches that compassion and empathy doesn’t depend of racial background or education. Biloxi administration has pointed out that they can “teach the lesson with many other choices of books.” There are many controversial arguments over this topic. Many agreeing with the choice and many not agreeing.

“The ban on TKAM is kind of a controversial subject. It teaches the schools a lot about racial issues that happened in the past and needs to be kept in the curriculum I feel like.” Said Jena Saradih.

Many school are siding with the Biloxi administration in the nearby counties. Many agree that the book shouldn’t be in school curriculum. Many are left with questions on how far this will go and if every school district will start doing this as well.

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Ban on TKAM in MS State