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Darley Receives Recognition for Performance

Preston Thomas, Photo Editor

Sophomore Brynna Darley was nominated Friday by the Starlight Theatre Blue Star Award Committee for outstanding actress for a featured role. Darley's performance in the musical...  Read More »


Family on the Field: The Unstoppable Lady Lions Soccer Team

Kara Fort, Managing Editor

The lady lions soccer team was off to a hot start this season with six wins, 44 goals, and only one goal scored on them. This is the first season the team has worked with...  Read More »

April 19, 2016


Mary Beth Winton: Giving Back

Maggie Bell, Contributing Writer

It takes a lot of preparation and dedication to accomplish big things. Many people know that Mary Beth Winton has spent her whole life in Leavenworth, Kansas...  Read More »

April 29, 2016

Pop Culture

Prince’s Tragic Death at Age 57 Shocks World

Olivia Jarvis, Staff Writer

"Dearly Beloved, we're gathered here today to get through this thing called life." ~ Prince The artist known as Prince passed away tragically on Thursday, the 21st of Ap...  Read More »

April 26, 2016

Photo Gallery

Spring Is Upon Us

Tara Bolewski, Media Editor

Spring is a time of birth and growth. From flowers to trees to new animals being born, spring brings new beginnings and promises of warm days to come.

April 15, 2016